Are Erectile Dysfunction Injections Actually Safe?

There are so many male enhancement treatments on the market today that many people may struggle to keep track of all the costs and benefits associated with each individual product.


In particular, many men may be concerned about the long-term health consequences of using many male enhancement products. It’s understandable to be concerned about introducing almost any outside substance into the body, and the media is often full of stories about faulty medications.

However, men should know erectile dysfunction is a highly treatable condition, and they do not have to gamble with their health in order to address the problem.

Erectile Dysfunction Injections and Success

Erectile dysfunction injections have a fantastic success rate. As much as eighty percent of men living with erectile dysfunction will experience some improvement as a result of a consistent regimen of erectile dysfunction injections.

Some men prefer erectile dysfunction injections to the medications that can be administered orally. Generally speaking, the injections should be performed three times weekly or less, and never more than once a day.

Many men should be able to get the results they want by following the recommendations for the erectile dysfunction injections. Men who regularly give themselves erectile dysfunction injections and perform physical male enhancement exercises as part of one male enhancement regimen will often be very satisfied with their results.

Possible Side Effects of Erectile Dysfunction Injections

The majority of men should not experience any severe reactions as a result of taking erectile dysfunction injections. Some of the minor problems erectile dysfunction injections can cause are common to the majority of injections.

Many people who have given blood before may have experienced some bruising around the injection site, and the same thing can happen with erectile dysfunction injections. Men who are experiencing severe bruising as a result of the injections may want to refine their technique and take longer rest periods between injections, but the bruising itself generally should not be severe.

Injections are uncomfortable for the majority of people. Most people will only feel a slight pinch after the injections. However, depending on the type of erectile dysfunction injection itself, some people may experience a more painful burning feeling.

Men who are taking alprostadil are more likely to experience the feeling of burning than others. Fortunately, there are other types of medications that can be delivered in the same way, and men who keep on having these problems can quickly and easily make the transition.

There’s always a risk of scar tissue forming at any injection site, particularly for people who regularly give themselves injections in the same general area.

Men should contact their primary healthcare providers if they find that their erect penises are starting to curve at any point during their erectile dysfunction regimens. However, most men should not develop any significant health problems as a result of the injections.

Some men may experience prolonged erections at some point during their erectile dysfunction injection regimens, and they should contact their physicians if these erections persist for four hours or more.

Men who have been taking the erectile dysfunction medications for a long time probably shouldn’t have any problems with prolonged erections, particularly if they’re good at getting the exact dosage right.

More generically, some men may feel flushed after administering their erectile dysfunction injections.

Having some minor pain or discomfort in the penis after an injection is also relatively normal. For most men, any negative feelings should dissipate fairly quickly. Overall, erectile dysfunction injections are a good and viable option for most men with related concerns.

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